So you’ve been had

So what?
Yeah, you read that right.
I know you’re angry, I know you want to take it out on the rest of the world, I know that feeling because I’ve been ‘had’ too.
So has everyone in the history of mankind, yes, you’re not the only one because everyone in this whole wide world has been or will be ‘had‘ by some prick wanting to make a quick buck.
Yeah, you’ve been wasting your time and your life for the past several months.
So what?
You were in a cult.
Big deal.
Everyone has been in a cult. Trust me. I’m not here to argue religion with you, but when someone tells you that the only truth in the world is the ‘truth’ that they tell you, and that everyone else is a bunch of devils and monsters then you’ll know that you’ve been had. Again.
Big deal. ^_^
The really ironic thing is that I was warning my closest friend about his new ‘Church’ several months back. I told him it was a cult. You may ask why? Because in their initiation ceremony they were REQUIRED, to wear robes and have nothing underneath those robes. This actually happened, I am not making this up, and yet when it happened the people in the ‘Church’ didn’t question it nor make a fuss about it. Understand that both men and women were required to wear nothing under their robes, these were young people mind you, teenagers for crying out loud. My friend is not a teenager but many of the new participants were. They had to ‘kiss’ some things and parts, and be ‘anointed’ with some liquid. To this day, I do not know what those things were nor did my friend ever tell me. They had several ‘ranks’ in their organization, titles with grand words, the members were given ‘assignments’. My friend never told me what those ‘assignments’ were. You get the idea.
The point is that, while I was so High and Mighty about the whole thing to my friend and we even had a big fight about it,  I didn’t know that I was in a Cult too.
The Cult that made me believe that almost everyone else on the Internet were either clones or evil aliens and that the truth was reserved for that single blog. That somehow only he had monopoly of the truth and everyone else was out to get him. It sounds very dumb when I put it that way but I was lost and I was looking for ‘truth’ and when I thought I found it, I clung to it like a rabid wolverine.
Like everyone else who found themselves in a Cult. It always starts out innocently enough, you’re curious then you convince yourself that it’s all just for fun and before you know it you’re in.
So no, there are no hot ‘Plejaran’ women out there patrolling the skies for bad guys. And yes, we have been wasting our time for more or less 6 months. Time we will never get back, all because some guy wanted to sell a book after he closes that blog.
I went through the whole denial-bargaining-anger thing like most of you have or will have. I should have run for the hills the moment he defended ‘rape’ in his stories, I was outraged and even called him out on it. I argued and yet somehow he justified it as right because it has always been a fact of  life in our world. Shamefully, I eventually backed off from the argument. I thought maybe he had a point, I was a damn fool.
But here we are, free at last, now what? I wanted to just let this all go and put this behind me but in a way ‘the universe’ has compelled me to make these words public. To somehow set the wrong, right in whatever little way I can.
All things; Great Empires, organizations, and cults fall from within. It’s not the skeptics you have to worry about, it’s not the intelligent ones you have to worry about either. Skeptics will dismiss your stories as mere fantasies and those intelligent enough to figure you out won’t even bother to ‘break the story’. No they’re too smart for that, they’ll simply move on with their lives without looking back.
It’s the true believers that will eventually bring your ’empire’ down. Case in point; Rome, Troy, Greece, The Empire in Star Wars (^_^) and on and on it goes. The true believers are the ones with the drive to set things right, they are the dreamers and fools that were so easily brought to your side. They’re also the ones who give enough of a damn to spend their time and energy to expose you and even destroy you. It’s the true believers who answer the call of the ‘universe’.
I am that fool.
After all, who cares what others believe? Who cares if they’re being lied to, their time being sucked away by some evil vampire on the internet who intends to take their money when it’s all over? Who cares when I’m already out of that prison?
I guess I care because the way I see it, if I don’t care then who will?
Fools always put themselves in harm’s way.
You always have a choice. You can stay where you are, you can move on or you can do something very foolish like put yourself out there on the Internet.
Live well and be free.
Supreme love and respect.

And the truth shall set you free



For now, I don’t want to go into detail but all I can say is I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I am glad, I am free, free at last.


If you are reading this then I want to impart with you something that took me months to learn by living through it.

Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet.

Just don’t.


Use your mind, a mind so extraordinary that you can believe the world is flat all your life and yet still live a fully functional normal life.

Above all I want you to use your ‘gut’, your instinct, I had that chance before but I didn’t listen to it. I wasted months and month and months of my life because of that.


Be free, never let anyone captivate you! Never let anyone be your Cult leader. Understand that no one can be a hero in your life other than yourself.


It is never too late.

Just go out there and live.


Don’t hate, never hate, hate is corrosive; it will eat your soul and turn your spirit to dust.

Instead, let it go and move on.


There is so much to do in life and so little time left.


Live well and be free.

Supreme love and respect.