And the truth shall set you free


For now, I don’t want to go into detail but all I can say is I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I am glad, I am free, free at last.


If you are reading this then I want to impart with you something that took me months to learn by living through it.

Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet.

Just don’t.


Use your mind, a mind so extraordinary that you can believe the world is flat all your life and yet still live a fully functional normal life.

Above all I want you to use your ‘gut’, your instinct, I had that chance before but I didn’t listen to it. I wasted months and month and months of my life because of that.


Be free, never let anyone captivate you! Never let anyone be your Cult leader. Understand that no one can be a hero in your life other than yourself.


It is never too late.

Just go out there and live.


Don’t hate, never hate, hate is corrosive; it will eat your soul and turn your spirit to dust.

Instead, let it go and move on.


There is so much to do in life and so little time left.


Live well and be free.

Supreme love and respect.


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